Self-Contained, Packaged Apps Service for Kindle Fire


Amazon really wants developers to contribute more to its Appstore. It now provides web app developers with the option to submit self-contained, packaged web apps. They just need to wrap the assets for their web app into a zip file and Amazon will make that app available to its customers. This solution is designed for folks who aren’t looking to develop hosted apps. Here is how Amazon explained it:

Amazon’s packaged web app solution solves this problem by letting web developers bundle all the files needed for their app into a zip file. Similar to other pure HTML5 solutions, web developers can submit apps to the Amazon Appstore without any need to worry about native packaging or distribution. Developers can concentrate on creating cutting edge web apps that take advantage of the advanced capabilities of our Chromium-based Amazon WebView available on our Kindle Fire tablets, or create more cross platform web apps that run on any device where Amazon Appstore is installed.  Web developers can focus on creating great apps, and Amazon takes care of the native app creation and hosting process.

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