Pocket 5.0 Is Here


I don’t now about you but Pocket is one of my favorite services. Even before they changed their name for rebranding purposes, I used the tool all the time. Pocket 5.0 is now here. You now have an easier time finding the best and most relevant content that you have saved. The tool also shows you long and quick reads. Highlights learns and adapts to your needs.

Pocket 5.0 has streamlined navigation. You can jump to your list, highlights, tags, favorites & archive quickly. Pocket References, which makes your favorite apps smarter, is also available as a part of this update. Last but not the least:

We’re working on rolling out Highlights to all users over the coming weeks. You’ll start seeing it appear in your list and inside the Highlights section soon. We’ll also be offering Pocket 5.0 functionality to our web, packaged, and Mac apps in the coming months.

Users in the following languages – English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Swedish – will also see dynamic categories that regularly updates to match their favorite interests. We’ll be adding support for more languages in the future.

It is fair to say Pocket keeps getting better. How would you improve it?

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