How to Side-Load Google Apps on Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD are great tablets. They are more than capable of keeping you entertained. Amazon has enough apps and content to keep Kindle Fire owners busy with. You won’t have access to Google Apps and its Play Store on your Kindle Fire though. We have already covered how one can load third-party applications on these tablets. A Reddit user (InnerManRaptor) has come forward with step by step instructions on how to side-load Google apps on the Kindle Fire.

The instructions are pretty simple to follow. You should enable side-loading of apps on your Kindle Fire to get started. Then download ES File Explorer and the appropriate APK files and run them through ES File Explorer:


More tips on how to do this are available on Reddit and XDA-Developers. You could always replace your Kindle Fire with a Nexus 7 if you prefer having more freedom to install third-party apps. But with the above instructions, you can significantly enhance your Kindle Fire.