Broken Kindle Fire: What To Do?

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If you have been following our blog and YouTube channel in the past few months, you probably know that we have gone through multiple Kindle Fire devices. Tablets and smartphones die all the time. Just because your Kindle is stuck, it does not mean you should throw it away though. Here are a few things you may want to try when your Kindle is not responsive:

Reset your Kindle

No matter what you think is wrong with your Kindle, you should always hard reset it to see if that fixes anything. Just hold the power button for 30 seconds and then let go.

Check your environment

Your Kindle might start to malfunction if you take it to a very warm environment. Planning to take your Kindle to the beach? Make sure you have the right case to keep your gadget protected from the elements. If your Kindle is running hot, let it cool off, and go from there.

Fix water damage

Going back to the previous point, your Kindle is not designed to handle water accidents well. If you have exposed your Kindle to some water accidentally, you may want to try these steps to see if you can fix it.

Contact Amazon’s Customer Service

Amazon does have a great customer service team. If your Kindle is fairly new, you may be able to get it fixed or replaced without having to spend a penny (depends on how you have treated your device). Just contact Amazon before doing anything crazy.

Open your Kindle to fix it

We have already covered how you can open your Kindle Fire to try to fix it on YouTube. It is not something everyone will be comfortable with. But you will learn a lot by opening and playing around with your Kindle. If you can’t get your Kindle replaced, opening it is not the worst idea.

Your Kindle Fire is going to die on you eventually. If it is not responsive, you may want to try the above steps before getting rid of your device.

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