3 Bathroom Accessories for iPad & Kindle

Have you ever wanted to use your iPad or Kindle in your bathroom? Most of us have no trouble staying away from our e-readers and tablet for a few minutes each day. But if you need to use your e-reader in the bathroom or while showering, you should give these Kindle and iPad accessories a look:


Shower Tunes Curtain: a curtain with built-in speakers and a pouch to keep your gadget safe from water damage. This lets you take a shower and use your tablet to keep yourself entertained.

bathtub caddy

Taymor Bathtub Caddy: perfect for spending some time with your e-reader in a bathtub. It does not damage your tub and does have a reading rack for your tablet.


SplashTablet Case: designed to help you use your tablet around your home safely. It works in the kitchen, bathroom, and anywhere else. You can use the iPad when it is inside.

These accessories let you use your tablet or e-reader in your bathroom in a more convenient fashion. Should you? That’s another story.