How to choose a Kindle cover

Kindle covers

When you are sitting on the train or in the local library with your Kindle, the case will be the first thing that captures the attention of those around you. Your case will serve as one of the most important accessories you will possess for your Kindle. This dual purpose fun gadget will look good and protect your device.

Kindle Covers: What do you want from them?

A few things should be taken into consideration before choosing the first cover you fall in love with:

  • The available features v style
  • Is it heavy or light?
  • Quality v price
  • A case light in colour or dark in colour
  • Stand v no stand


The initial question to ask yourself is what do you consider to be more important in Kindle cases? Are you more interested in the style and look of the product rather than its features?

If want a cover to complement your accessory wardrobe then you will find a huge choice available in extensive designs. Whereas a cover which must contain specific features unfortunately the choice will be limited.


If you are already a Kindle owner it should come as no surprise that the Kindle weights approximately 15 ounces depending on the model in question. Consider when shopping for Kindle covers especially if buying online that some of them are much heavier than others so this is additional weight to be added to an already heavy tablet.

Also take the time to look at the picture (if purchasing online) to see if there are any additional features included such as a stand or pocket.

Buying heavy is not necessarily a bad choice; extra padding can give you adequate cushioning in the unfortunate scenario you were to drop your tablet.


According to Kindle Cover site Case Happy not all Kindle covers are equal; some are cheap in price and some use quality materials. Avoid buying a cover which a magnetic or elastic (cheap) closure as this feature will be quickly lost the more you use your Kindle.

Read reviews or examine the products. Word of mouth is often the best form of marketing. Speak to your friends and family or research forums/reviews on the internet.


For many the colour of the case is extremely important. The classic colours including black, brown and red are popular as these darker colours will hide any smudges or dirt. It is worth bearing in mind a lighter colour case will show any stain or minor dirt mark. Not the look you want if you are a fashionista.


There are many Kindle covers that have built in stands to help hold up your Kindle when you are on the move. The best way to determine whether you would benefit from a case with a stand is to ask yourself when you use the Kindle and whether you would benefit from having a freestanding Kindle.

Use the guidelines provided to help you find the perfect Kindle case for your needs.